More Market Info

We’ve got some updates on plans for our 3rd Sunday Market, which will begin on January 17th, 2016, noon to 6pm.

After some measuring, it looks like we can accommodate 12 or 13 booths of 10×11 feet, with some flexibility depending on the size of each booth and if the weather will allow us to open up the patio. We will have the kitchen, wi-fi, and folding chairs available for your use. We also have 9 rectangular tables, about 3×6 feet each, but we recommend bringing your own tables, etc.. Besides the $25 per booth, we will be charging an additional $10 if you need to use our electricity.

We are working on the vendor agreement and flyers, and should have those done by the end of this week (December 4th). Please use the contact form on this site, e-mail us at, or call 913-667-3036 if you have questions or an interest in participating.

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