Small Footprint Purses

Small Footprint Purses are made from repurposed clothing and other accessories. Each purse is $10, unless otherwise marked. Click image for larger version. E-mail here to inquire about a purse. Remember to include the item number and name!

Item #1: Pink Corduroy with Jeweled Lace Strap
Item #1:
KICKIN’ IN PINK: Pink corduroy with gem adorned lace strap. Measures 9 1/2 x 12 1/2.



Item #2: Hearts & Purple
Item #2:
PURPLE HEARTS: Denim with purple gems and heart strap. Measures 9 x 14.


Item #3: Poppy Garden
Item #3:
POPPY GARDEN: Denim with multi-colored woven strap. Measures 14 x 18.


Item #4: Soft Pink Feeling
Item #4:
A SOFT PINK FEELING: Denim with pink crochet and woven strap. Measures 12 x 15.


Item #5:
FRILLY IN PINK: Denim with pink trim and ruffled back and woven strap. Measures 8 x 13.


Front side
Front side


Item #6: I Do Wedding Dress Lace on All Four Pockets & Strap
Item #6:
I DO: Denim adorned with wedding lace and strap. Measures 11×18.


Item #7:
DENIM & LACE: Lace trim and strap with tassels. Measures 11 x 13.


Item #8: A Little Bit East Asian Embroidery on Strap
Item #8:
A LITTLE BIT EAST: Denim with Asian-style design on strap. Measures 8 x 14 1/2.


Item #10: Glitz All the Way
Item #9:
ALL THAT GLITTERS: Denim with glitter and woven silver strap. Measures 10 x 14 1/2.


Front side


Item #11: Let It Shine with Sequined Strap
Item #10:
LET IT SHINE: Denim with floral trim and sequin strap. Measures 10 1/2 x 14 1/2.


Item #12: Tiny Little Thing
Item #11:
TINY LITTLE THING: Denim with Enyce Logo and braided strap. Measures 7 x 11.


Item #13: A Little Hippie with Macrame Strap
Item #12:
LITTLE HIPPIE: Denim with floral and fringed macrame strap. Measures 13 x 20.


Item #14: Butterflies & Scarf Straps
Item #13:
SOFT SUMMER DAY: Denim with butterflies and soft blue straps. Measures 9 x 16 1/2.


Item #15: Large Bag with Changeable Strap
Item #14:
GONE BAGGY: Dark denim with changeable scarf strap. Measures 14 x 20.


Item #16: A Hippie in Green Glitz
Item #15:
GREEN GLITTER: Denim with green gems and fringed, embroidered strap. Measures. 10 1/2 x 13 1/2.


Item #17: Green Corduroy with Sparkle, Color & Macrame Strap
Item #16:
BUTTERFLY CRAZY: Green corduroy with fringed macrame strap. Measures 9 1/2 x 14.


Item #18: Bag of Flowers
Item #17:
BAG OF FLOWERS: Denim with pink stripe trim and pink strap.


Item #19: Flower Garden
Item #18:
FLOWER GARDEN: Denim with vintage trim and strap. Measures 16 x 18.


Item #20: Daisies & Small Purple Flowers
Item #19:
FLOWER CRAZY: Denim with 3D flowers and jeweled strap.


Item #21: Corduroy Delight
Item #20:
SPARKLING ROSIE: Floral corduroy with woven strap. Measures 10 x 14.


Item #21:
PATCHWORK & LACE: Sage green denim with gem & floral patchwork and lace strap. Measures 10 x 15.




Item #22:
SHOOTING STARS: Denim with glitter, blue gems and braided strap. Measures 10 x 17 1/2.


Item #23:
HIPPIE GONE GLAM: Denim with flowers, gems & sequins and fringed strap. Measures 10 x 14 1/2.


Item #24:
TURQUOISE BEAUTY: Denim with gems and frills and woven straps. Measures 10 x 14 1/2.